Only reminds me of you – MYMP

I see you, beside me
It’s only a dream
A vision of what used to be
The laughter, the sorrow
Pictures in time
Fading to memory

How could I ever let you go
Is it too late to let you know

I tried to run from your side
But each place I hide
It only reminds me of you
When i turn out all the lights
Even the night
It only reminds me of you

I needed my freedom
That’s what I thought
But I was a fool to believe
My heart breaks while you cried
Rivers of tears
But I was too blind to see

Everything we’ve been through before
Now it means so much more, yeah

[repeat Chorus]

Only you

Please come back to me
I’m down on my knees
Oh can’t you see

How could I ever let you go
Is it too late to let you know

[repeat Chorus]

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  1. wowie23 Said:

    …grabi ang hirap mahalin ang isang tao lalu ng pag kumplikado dahil hndi m alam kng may chance ba o wala…piro anung gagawing ko sadyang nahulug ang loob ko sa isang babae…mahal ko na ata xa…pag naririnig ko e2 xa agad pumapasuk sa isipan ko…i love u shay////

  2. anomous Said:

    you just have to move on bro…kung mahal mo sya just let her go even if it hurts…

  3. princeSs Said:

    sometimes you just really have to give up… not all that you want could be yours…

    baka naman may ibang girl na talagang nakalaan sayo…

  4. yangyang Said:

    this song is didicated to all the pepole who has loved someone
    that in his or her heart still belonged

  5. panter91 Said:

    para sayo crazy girl na love ko from start to last of my day

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