Dimsum – Thank You for your love

Thank You for your love (TY4URLV) lyrics by Dimsum

My life was a constant uphill climb
Never got it right
Each one I love
Went through a change of heart

You came and my world turned upside down
You sung a different tune
Can’t let go
It keeps playing on my mind

Now there’s a reason to wake up each day
A reason to shake my blues away
Now I am whole, a lucky soul
Wanna thank you for your love
Thank you. Thank you for your love

Confused , my heart was in a daze
Learned to live with pain
I loved in haste
Then watched it go to waste

You came and brought music to my soul

Inspired me to the very core
You touched me where
No one has been before

Now there’s a reason to wake up each day
I thank the Lord for sending you my way
Now I am whole
A lucky soul
Wanna thank you for your love
Thank you, thank you for your love

I saw the world in shades of black and gray
Turning blue with every passing day
Just when I thought that maybe all was lost
My life took on a new turn
And it’s all because, it’s because

No looking back, no more pain
No more dark clouds, no more rain
Thank you. Thank you for your love.

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  1. Euri Said:

    Easy ka lang hehehe! puso mo Euri…
    what happen to your site? baka may maitulong ako…
    well tc na lang lage…


    Akala ko si Tammy na nagpalit lang ng pangalan, ibang tao pala. 🙂

    Wala pong nangyari sa site ko. Hindi po sa akin ang Auction.ph, nag work lang po ako dun. 🙂

  2. liza: Said:

    panget ang mga song d2

  3. Euri Said:

    Pasingit lang muna ha…

    panget ang mga song d2

    Una. Beauty is in the eyes/ears of the beholder. Ang panget sayo, maaring maganda sa ibang tao. Hindi naman parepareho ang taste ng mga tao, diba? Halimbawa, para sakin at sa ibang tao, maganda ang mga kanta rito. At ikaw, para sa akin, PANGET ang ugali mo.

    Ikawala. Kung panget pala ang mga kanta rito, eh bakit ka nandito? Bat di ka na lang kaya lumayas, diba?

    Ahem, back to topic at hand…

    Teka nawala ako ahh.. I know na nag wowork ka lang sa auction.ph

    Kasi, nag comment po kayo dun sa panget na nag spam na topic sa site ko. Yung pong spammer, sa auction.ph po siya nag spam, hindi po sa site ko. 🙂

    anyway npagkamalan mo pa la akong iba, cguro feeling close ako kaya ganon ano? hehe well xnxa na, di ako sanay makipag socialize sa net eh.

    Hindi po, kasi po yung domain name, online friend ko po yung dating may-ari. Mga ancient era na po. Akala ko, nagbalik siya, tapos nagpalit lang ng name. 🙂

    Salamat po ulti sa dalaw. 🙂

  4. tintin Said:

    I love this site… hay… sarap makinig sa music, lalo na pag nakakarelate ka… hoping that more songs will be added to this site…

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