The Past – Jed Madela

I was wrong when i hurt you
But did you have to hurt me too
Did you think revenge will make it better?
I don’t care about the past
I just want our love to last
There’s a way to bring us back together

I must forgive you
You must forgive me too
If we wanna try to put things back
The way they used to be
’cause there’s no sense in going over and over
The same things as before
So let’s not bring the past up anymore

Out of all the good we had
You only keep track of the bad
Though you knew i never really loved her
Didn’t anyone tell you yet
That to forgive is to forget
How can you be mad if you don’t remember

Repeat chorus:

I must forgive you
And you must forgive me too
It’s the only thing that’s left
That we haven’t try to do
One thing that i’m sure will work
That we haven’t tried before
Let’s not bring the past back anymore

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  1. ilynne Said:

    i really lyk da song of jed madela in titled “the past”

  2. This song “The Past” by Jed Madela is for Ms.Maricel Landagan Montemayor of Bato,Camarines Sur. Thanks a lot and more power.

  3. annabhel chua Said:

    aztig ganda tlga

  4. Reica Said:

    ,hOw beauty is it..!!!!
    ,grbe ang gnda ng message ng song na 2..
    ,nakakamiz tuLoy..
    ,miz qOh na ung special sum one qOh..

  5. mayra Said:

    wow!tnamaan tlaga n2ng kantng 2 yung best friend q! gan2 kc cla nung GF nya eh!eniwei,maganda tlaga 2ng kantng 2.matatamaan lhat ng mag-katipang mahilig mag-away:)

  6. MARLON Said:

    i realy like this song

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