Various Artist – T

Tuloy parin – Neocolors

Tadhana – Gloc9

Taralets – Imago

Torpedo – Eraserheads

Tindahan ni aling Nena – Eraserheads

To Where you are – Erick Santos

Tag ulan – After image

Tell me where it hurts – MYMP

Tensionado – Soapdish

The day you said goodnight – Hale

The Past – Jed Madela

Tanging yaman – Jamie Rivera

Through the fire – Nina

Trip – 6 cycle mind

Take me out of the dark – Garry V.

True colors – MYMP

Tattooed on my mind – Sitti

This guys inlove with you pare – Parokya ni Edgar

Through the fire – Kyla

Thats why i love you – Andrew E. ft. Regine Velasquez

Till I met You by Kuh Ledesma

Tula – Gloc9

Tuwing umuulan at kapiling ka – Regine V.

The way you look at me – Christian Bautista

Tumayo tumungo – Sunog baga

Tunay na mahal – Gagong Rapper

Till my heartache end – Annee

To love you more – Sarah Geronimo

Torete – Moonstar

Toyang – Eraserheads

Tulog na – Sugarfree

Tuloy pa rin – Neocolors

Tumatakbo – Mojofly


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